Social Responsibility

The corner stones of our social responsibilities are our values and our vision. We are a member of NHO Service and the UN Global Compact, and act in compliance with the principles imposed by this.

Personalhuset Staffing Group is a major Nordic employer. More than 8.000 people are employed through our services each year. For many of our employees, we are their first experience with working life, and the starting point of a lasting professional career.

Our social, environmental and ethical goals are reflected in the way we act towards employees, customers, suppliers and other cooperating parties. We shall deliver and act as promised.

We implement our own programs for follow-up and care taking of our employees, whether they work internally or with one of our customers.

In 2014 we signed up as a Humanitarian Partner for Medecins Sans Frontiers, and we contribute financially towards their effort in the worlds humanitarian crisis.

Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental work is to be preventative and integrated in our daily operation of the whole company. Our environmental awareness will improve our business as well as our customers, employees and the public.

Our policy is to hold our designated consumption of resources at a low level. This include amongst other power, fuel, paper, flights.

We invest in technological solutions that reduce travel emission and paper consumption. We have decided to change the car fleet towards electrical vehicles, and low-emissions vehicles in geographies where electronic vehicles do not have sufficient capacity.

We deliver products and services that in itself is of little influence on the environment.

Our employees work under our customers ' instruction and their environmental impact depends on our customers' environmental policy and the environmental footprint.